Four tips on how to keep your dog safe this Halloween

Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

Having the trick-or-treaters knock every 10 minutes on your door can be provoking for your dog, depending on how much they will tolerate the sudden door activity. Or taking them along for trick-or-treating on a busy night such as Halloween can be overstimulating as well. If you're worried about your dog being triggered by strangers in costume or acting out, here are a few tips to consider to keep your dog safe and emotionally maintained during this Halloween!

1) Treats for Humans, Not Pups!

Do you plan on giving out treats to trick-or-treaters or collecting some to eat for yourself? If so, make sure to keep those treats out of your pet's reach! Some candy, such as chocolate, can be harmful and dangerous (potentially lethal) for dogs. Other Halloween treats such as lollipops and gummies can be detrimental due to the ingredient Xylitol. Having your pet accidentally digest this can impact their liver health.

2) Prepare for Halloween before Halloween!

As they say, preventative care is the best health care. While Halloween can be a super fun night for many, it can be very stressful for dogs! Desensitization work is something great to work on with your dog through specific training techniques. If your dog struggles with loud noises, you are best to contact a reputable local trainer and get training! Check out our article on Different Types of Dog Training: Which one is Best for You and Your Dog? for tips on dog training.

3) Consider Crate Training

Ensuring that your dog has a safe space during the peak of Halloween evening is imperative. You want to make sure your dog is in a secure space while trick or treaters come around. This way, you avoid the potential of your dog darting out the door or becoming overly stressed by the constant activity of the evening. Crate training can benefit your dog as it can be their safe and secure place to retreat on a night such as Halloween.

4) Keep those ID tags & Microchips updated!

If you do choose to take your dog for a walk on Halloween evening, it's always best to make sure your dog wears their ID tags and that your microchip information on your pets is entirely up to date. The reason for this is that if your dog goes on the loose, a helpful trick-or-treator has the necessary information to return your dog to you. It is also a good idea to have a recent photo of your dog on hand so you can show other hikers what they look like if you are separated!

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