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Affordable and competitively priced compared to other “smelly” products on the market, our revolutionary line of all-season collars, leads, and harnesses don’t just look cool, they are unique, purposeful with functional designs developed for pet dog parents, and offer exceptional benefits:

  • Frozen flex (flexible, will not freeze in freezing weather)
  • Waterproof, poly-coated webbing
  • Super buttery-soft and comfortable feel, with excellent grip
  • High tensile strength (1000 lbs. of tested break strength)
  • Stink-free dog gear that will not rot, develop mold or bacteria
  • Washes easily with a mild detergent to remain clean and odor-free
  • An alternative to dirty, bacteria-ridden nylon or natural materials, which absorb moisture and freeze in cold temperatures
  • An alternative to prohibitively costly leather
  • Attractive and available in vibrant colors

And because smellydogzTM was developed by experienced dog product designers and expert professional trainers and handlers, our products are best quality, durable, reliable, and ultra comfortable – all factors in keeping pets and their parents happy and safe.