Dog Lead Safety Tips

A lead represents many things between dog owners and their best friends: Caring, control, and a strong sense of trust that is not seen in many other relationships we have. When we walk our dogs, they entrust us to lead the way. Through woods, water, and fields, your dog will follow you almost anywhere you take them. 

It is important to understand the key elements of using a leash with your trusting smellydog. Your lead helps keep you and your dog safe, and neighbours, children, and other animals as well. Leads are not just a fashion accessory, but a necessity!

When used properly, and following the leash law guidelines, leashes will help to protect your dog and give you and other dog owners peace of mind that our furry friends and ‘smellydogz’ are safe and under control.

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Dog Walking Tips

Learning to walk with your dog is a journey that requires training, patience, and the right tools. The following are tips to help make the process a little easier.

1. Size The Leash to Your Dog

red leash iconThe right place to start with dog leash safety is with the leash size.. If you have a smaller dog, consider using a thinner leash. This will usually mean a softer material and smaller hardware made to fit your dog's collar or harness. If your dog is bigger, size up your leash so that you have a thicker and stronger material. This will help prevent your leash from breaking when Beethoven rolls over!l

2. Collar or Harness?

red harness iconDeciding on using a dog harness or collar is entirely dependent on the walking relationship you have with your dog. If your dog is extremely energetic and can be prone to tugging or jerking the leash, you may want to consider using a dog harness. A harness like the No-Pull Comfort Harness is a great way to reduce the risk of injury to your excited pup.

3. Be a Loving Leader

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Leashes are a direct connection between you and your dog. So make sure you are treating your dog with love while leading them. Avoid excess strain on your leash by making sure you are not dragging or pulling your dog. Use a happy tone to keep your pup walking along nicely!

4. Stay Connected to Your Dog

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And that doesn’t mean just hold the leash! When you walk with your dog, they are on a grand adventure filled with new sights and smells. This can lead some over-excited pups to try and run or investigate a new smell rather suddenly. If you are not paying attention to your dog, this could lead to some serious dog injuries, a strained arm, or a sudden loss of leash! Keep connected with your dog and enjoy the walk with them.




5. Lead Upkeep 

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Your dog lead is a tool that helps keep you and your dog safe while you're out having fun. They help you guide your dog and keep your walk on track, or trail, as it were. So make sure you take care of your lead like you would any tool. Hang it up if it's wet, clean it when it's dirty, and most importantly, replace it if it is damaged. The last thing you want to do is chase down your dog if the lead were to break, especially in a new or dangerous area. The Comfort Lead is durable and easy to clean, and a great addition to any pet family.



Dog Walking Tips to Help Dog Owners

Your furry friend isn't the only one who needs to make sure they are being safe! Here are some great tips to help when getting ready to walk your dog.  

1. Watch the Hands

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Make sure you are careful where you put your hands when you are connecting your leash to your dog collar or harness. If your dog gets startled and runs while you have your hand under the collar or harness, this can result in finger fractures or dislocations. Avoid this risk by holding the attachment ring while you connect your leash!




2. Don’t Wrap the Leash

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Sometimes while walking you may want to adjust the length of your leash. By shortening the leash you can gain stronger leverage over your smellydog, allowing for more control. A natural thought would be to simply wrap your leash around your hand, shortening it in the process. However, this can be a dangerous decision as you could find yourself tangled in the leash and unable to take it off quickly. This can lead to muscle strains, finger fractures, or worse, a bad fall if your dog were to suddenly pull the leash! If you find you need more control try out the Double Handle Lead, perfect for adjusting your control length mid-walk.



3. Never Walk Your Dog While on a Bike, Scooter, or Skateboard!

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Now it may seem like a fun idea and a great way to keep up with your fast-paced dog, but walking your dog while on a human-powered vehicle is a bad idea! There is a lack of stability and control when operating one of these and a fall can result in serious injury. 

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