How To Select The Best Dog Breed For Your Family

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Choosing the future best friend for your family is a big deal! Which breed of smellydog is the best for your family? From how much exercise a dog requires to their temperament, selecting the right breed is a critical decision. Whether you want to involve the whole family or keep the decision between the adults, it’s time to do some dog breed research. There are several traits to consider when making this decision.

Welcoming this new, special pet into the family is an exciting and memorable time. As much as you may love a particular breed of dog, they may not be perfectly suited for your situation. To make an informed, exciting and confident decision for your family here’s an overview of the best dogs for families. 


Top Family-Friendly Dogs

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds for families. Golden retrievers are considered one of the top five most intelligent dogs in the world. They are also easy to train, loyal and extremely loving. Golden retrievers are a great pick for young, active families as they require plenty of exercise! This breed sheds seasonally, so only occasional grooming is necessary, which is great for busy families. Golden retriever dogs love to please their owners and are full of energy to play all day!


Irish Setter

Irish Setter breeds originated as gundogs from Ireland. Over time, the popularity of this fantastic breed spread and became a great family pet. Irish Setter dogs are friendly, playful, and have high energy levels. This breed, however, is not suited for every home, regardless of how social they are! Irish Setter’s are filled with energy and require daily exercise, as well as space to run. The breed comes in two types: show and field Irish Setters. The show dog breed is much larger than the field dogs with a thicker coat.



Beagles are child-friendly dogs and considered one of the best dog breeds for families. They’re a classic choice for families for several reasons. Beagles are friendly, lovable, curious, and playful. Much smaller in size than other breeds, Beagles are great with children and are independent thinkers. They need to be socialized from when they’re puppies to be fully cooperative with people. Overall, Beagles make excellent family dogs when socialized and trained correctly.



Bulldogs are known for their adorably wrinkly faces and bodies. They also make an excellent choice as a family dog. Bulldogs are incredibly calm and friendly with children and adapt well into family life. Whether your home constantly has visitors coming and going, or you just have a big, bustling family; a bulldog will fit right in. They’re also a brilliant breed and do not require a lot of exercise, which is perfect for families constantly on-the-go.


Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever breeds are fantastic family-friendly dogs. Their temperaments and needs often align with most family’s. Labrador Retrievers are the least aggressive breed of dogs to other dogs and people. They are naturally friendly and outgoing, gentle and even-tempered. These dogs are also easy to train and willing to learn! Keeping them active with daily exercise and seasonal grooming are their immediate needs. 


Final Note On Choosing the Best Smellydog Breed For The Family

At Smellydogz, we love all of our four-legged furry friends equally! When choosing the best dog breeds for families, we recommend you take into consideration all factors and make the best choice for your unique needs. From temperament to exercise, these are just a few of the traits you need to consider. Make the decision fun and exciting for the whole family, and pick up the perfect dog gear from us once you decide.


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