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Our innovative line of all-season waterproof dog collars, leads and harnesses is perfect for smelly dogs and their parents!

With smellydogz’ stink-free products, you can take your pet on a rainy day hike, a walk in the snow or on an excursion to the beach or cottage without worry that your dog’s gear will start to smell “funky.”

Collars , Leads & Harnesses

We make our unique products from soft, poly-coated webbing that remains flexible in freezing temperatures and is an excellent alternative to conventional bacteria-ridden nylon or prohibitively costly leather. Just wash with a mild detergent and your smellydogzTM dog gear will look great and stay odor-, bacteria-, and mold-free for years. Even better, our products are not flimsy, rigid, or hard on your hands. But instead, they feel comfortably super soft with a good heft, giving you a sense of confidence and reliability in product performance.