Spring Cleaning Tips For Smellydog Owners

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Spring is here and it’s a wonderful season to spend outdoors with your best furry friend. Not only is it the season for fun experiences outdoors, it’s also time for spring cleaning around the house! It’s no secret that dogs make the house a home, but they also make it much more smelly and messy too! Spring cleaning a home with dogs that live in it requires owners to pay attention to their dog’s toys, bed and other belongings.

Spring cleaning is a fantastic way to improve your living space for all family members. When embarking on your spring cleaning, ensure you prioritize the following dog-oriented cleaning requirements:


Top Four Spring Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners

1) Clean and Groom Your Dog:

Dog owners can mop, brush, sweep and spray their home as much as they want. However, without grooming your dog properly, spring cleaning tasks can be useless. It’s critical for dog owners to maintain a consistent grooming routine for their pups during this time. Regularly bathing your pet is critical, especially during the springtime. This is because certain areas still contain winter moisture. Most dogs need to be bathed at least once a month to maintain their health and comfort. Prior to bathing your dog, ensure they are brushed well to remove dead hair and any mats. Dog owners may also want to consider clipping their dog’s toenails so they can enjoy their walks much more easily.

Mitigate muddy mess in the home by trimming your dog’s hair around their paws regularly. This prevents mud from clumping at the dog’s feet. In addition, keep a container with warm water by the front door and a towel to clean off their paws before entering the home.


2) Clean or Dispose of Old Toys:

Take the time to look through your dog’s inventory of play toys. You may notice that some toys are far too dirty to clean effectively. If that is the case, discard them! Squeaky toys are a favourite for your pup. Just because they stop squeaking, does not necessarily mean they have to be replaced. However, when you notice the toy has become heavily solid and chewed on, that may be a sign it’s time to throw it out. Here are some tips on how to wash your dog toys based on the type of toy:

  • Hard Toys: For hard toys, fill up a container with part water then part white vinegar and soak the toys inside. Ensure you wash the toys thoroughly then allow them to air dry.

  • Soft Toys: Clean any soft or plush toys in hot water with baking soda. After washing them, use a low heat to dry them to keep clean. These toys should be washed frequently.

  • Rubber Toys: Similar to soft toys, rubber toys should be cleaned frequently. Check the toy maintenance instructions prior to cleaning. If the toy is dishwasher safe, clean in the dishwasher. If that is not clearly indicated, try hand washing with soap and water and allow to air dry.

  • Rope Toys: Rope toys can become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. Ensure you sanitize the toys and microwave them for approximately one minute. You can also opt to dishwash them to eliminate bacteria.


3) Soak Up Stains:

Even if your home doesn’t smell of dogs or traces of urine, your dog still might! It’s critical to neutralize these odours so your pup avoids using a stained area as their personal bathroom spot. Although it is easiest to remove a dog’s urine stain as soon as it occurs, dog owners may not always be home when it happens. You can still remove old urine stains with the appropriate products. To remove old dog urine stains, apply dish soap into a cup of warm water and apply it directly to the urine stain. Once applied to the stain, blot the area with a paper towel and repeat the process until the stain has disappeared. Once the area is cleaned, use an enzyme-based neutralization solution for the odour.


4) Clean Up The Yard:

Maintaining your yard helps reduce the mess inside and out of the home. Cleaning the yard for spring helps make a smooth transition from winter into summer. The start of spring is a great time to start with yard maintenance and remove any debris from the winter and make more space for your dog to run freely. Spring cleaning helps prevent weed growth and encourages a healthy, strong gross growth for your pup to play in. Ensure you follow these tips to maintain a clean, organized yard this spring:

  • Apply Sod: If the yard is mostly dirt, consider applying sod down to a single area. By adding a grassy area to your yard, you reduce the amount of dirt and mud that your pup will track indoors.

  • Outdoor Toys: Outdoor play toys are an effective way to reduce boredom for your pet and keep them clean. When your pup has a toy to play with, they will be less likely to paw away at dirt and keep their paws clean. Ensure outdoor toys stay outdoors.

  • Scatter Oranges: Oranges can actually prevent dogs from digging up certain areas. Placing oranges in areas such as flower beds or a vegetable garden may work as some dogs are highly sensitive to the smell of citrus.

After your spring cleaning session this season, be sure to visit Smellydogz for your pup’s go-to dog gear. From stink-free collars and leads to harnesses, Smellydogz is the ideal dog gear for dogs and their owners. Not only is our dog gear water-proof, it’s also virus-proof and mud-proof to keep your dog clean!

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