Top Things to Have in Your Doggy Bag

Photo by Hana Brannigan from Pexels

Our smellydogz look to us for companionship, love, guidance, cuddles, treats, kindness, more treats, compassion, and the spot you were sitting on five seconds ago. Whether it’s an overnight trip or a quick shopping sprint, keeping our smellydogz happy and safe is always front and centre in our minds.

Active dogs love getting out but can become tired easily, so it's important to be prepared. Keeping a checklist for your dog gear is an easy way to ensure you don't forget anything on the way out.

While supplies such as a waterproof dog lead may seem like common sense, a last-minute check ensures that you have a lovely adventure with your dog.

Here are 10 items that are essential for every Doggy’s bag:

1) Updated Dog tags and medical records

We talked about this in our post “Top 10 tips for hiking with your dog”: keeping updated medical records and having dog tags with the correct information is very important--you don't want to miss this step!

2) Water containers

A dog using a portable water device. Whether you are packing a hydration bladder for hiking day or a couple of water bottles for a shorter walk, it is essential to have more than enough hydration for yourself and your faithful friend in your dog gear. There are portable water bottles available that don’t require a bowl to serve. When your dog is panting heavily and is slow to respond, it's time for a quick break.

3) Pack for the right type of food

It's hard to forget tasty treats for your smellydogz, especially if you read our blog; but it happens all the time. If you’re going on a hike for more than one-two hours, have some dry treats with you to re-up your furry friend’s energy level. If you feed fresh food, then remember to carry an airtight container to keep the food fresh and wrap it in a plastic bag to prevent condensation from forming.

4) First Aid’s First

It's always good to have a first-aid kit that meets the specific needs of your fluffy friend. Having, and not needing items such as a snakebite kit is much better than needing and not finding them. Flea combs and tick removers are also a great addition to your smellydogz’ bag if you go out into the forest.

Having hydrogen peroxide can help with cleaning wounds and for inducing vomit in case your dog swallows something toxic; it’s gross but effective. The key is to be more prepared as the terrain gets wilder so that you’re not caught off guard. At the end of the day, if an emergency happens try to keep calm and find a safe spot to call help because your pup will look to you for guidance and probably mimic your emotions.

5) Prescribed or Symptomatic Medication

Just like human long-term conditions, ongoing medical issues can make life uncomfortable and taxing for your smellydogz. Having the symptomatic treatment that will help bring them relief ensures that they can still enjoy themselves. Apart from what you keep in the First-Aid box, remember to have pain killers or stomach remedies available in case of emergencies.

6) Waterproof, Stink-Free Collar or Harness, and a Backup

If you’ve selected wisely and chosen smellydogz stink-free and waterproof dog leash, collar, or harness as well as a backup, you’re good. The waterproof dog lead and harness wear down slower and reduce the chance of breaking during exciting times.

If you have a highly active dog who pulls a lot, the no-pull comfort harness works great without placing extra strain on your dog. The 5-point adjustment and personal fit can also help if your dog likes to Houdini their way out of the harness. Having a replacement beats having to carry your smellydogz back for a few kilometers

7) A Backup Waterproof Dog Lead

A backup leash is a must-have for any dog gear bag. Having a backup leash, much like a collar or harness, can come in handy in case of an emergency or if your regular gear becomes unusable. No matter what the situation may be, having a backup, waterproof dog lead is always a good idea. As they say, be prepared!

8) Keep Cool with Sunblock

Dogs require protection from the sun just like humans. On a hot sunny day, they are at risk from sunburn just as much as us. If you’ve got an active dog who likes to be out, it's easy to overlook that they might be getting skin damage. On a really hot day, a quick swim can cool down your furry companion and provide some great fun.

9) Poop bags

When you’re stepping onto the road with your smellydogz, there’s nothing worse than stepping on a perfectly camouflaged piece of poo. While many dog parks and living areas provide free poop bags, they may not always be accessible throughout your trip. There are biodegradable options available that can help you leave no trace by picking up after your smellydogz.

10) Favourite Toys

Being outside with your dog doesn't have to be just an errand, it’s about fun for your furry friend. While it depends whether your dog pays attention to toys outside the house or not, bringing playthings along on your walk can help you train/distract your dog should you run into another canine friend. Kong is a popular option that can buy you 5-10 minutes of trouser-biting-free time

Having your dog's gear in order before leaving the house can make excursions fun for your dog and can put them at ease. Seeing that grateful look in your pup’s eyes when you make something easier for them is just priceless.

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