Dog Leash Safety Tips

What’s the one thing that connects every dog owner when out walking with their dog? A leash!
Less fashion accessory and more regulated bylaw, dog leash regulations are just as important to dogs as they are to owners.
When used properly, leashes protect dogs and give dog owners peace of mind that their furry friend is safe and under control.

Taking Fido out for a stroll? Keep these leash tips in mind:
- Thick & Thin: use the proper leash length. If your dog is smaller in size, use a thinner leash which is soft and made using smaller hardware. If your dog is bigger, size up a leash that has a thicker width.
- Leading nicely.  Leashes are meant to connect the dog to the owner. Never drag or pull your dog with the leash. Use a happy tone to keep your pup walking along nicely.
- Stay Connected. Tugging or pulling the dog leash can hurt your pet. 
- Protect the Neck. It is better to use a no-pull harness if your dog enjoys pulling.
- Upkeep. Leashes protect your dog, allowing you to guide your dog away from danger. If your dog’s leash is torn or ripped, replace it with a new one.

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